The Foundation is an Osaka-based research institution that conducts research and studies and makes proposals to each industry on urban issues and regional development policies in Japan and around the world.


June 1981


1-2-10,0tedori,Chuo-ku, Osaka City


06(6944)1173 / FAX 06(6946)9120



Permanent Property

26 million yen


To conduct research and make proposals on urban issues and regional development policies in Japan and around the world, in cooperation with citizens, the business community, government, local governments, and academics. It also aims to contribute to the development of the Osaka/Kansai regions and the improvement of the lives and welfare of its citizens by widely publicizing and disseminating the results of its research to related parties and citizens.

Competent Authority

Osaka Prefectural Government (transferred from foundational juridical person to general foundational juridical person as of April 1st, 2012)


Chairperson Takemasa ISHIHARA (Professor Emeritus, Osaka City University)


This foundation was established by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1981 with its first chairperson being Mr. Tatsusaburo TATSUI, Vice President of CoC. In 1992, the foundation was transferred to a private research organization, and has since expanded its activities to include urban policy, industrial policy, and arts and culture. The journal "Yū" has been published annually since that year.

Business Outline

I Survey and Research Projects

【Shopping Town Study Group】

This is a research group that takes a diverse view of retail and commerce and, with the cooperation of experts from different fields, conducts research and studies on the state of cities and commerce and makes proposals to various sectors. A research group that has been there since the foundation.

【Themed Research】

Special research is conducted on various themes related to the latest urban policies. Here, research and proposals on international tourism, urban development methods, how to become a city of medical and wellness, and of art and culture, etc. are conducted. In addition to the above, commissioned research that contributes to the purpose of the Foundation is undertaken.

II Educational Initiatives

【Seminars / Lectures / Workshops】

Seminars, lectures, and other events are held on themes that meet the needs of the times in order to disseminate and educate society about the research activities of the Foundation.

【Publication of Journals】

In addition to information communication from its website, publication of the journal "Yū" and related books which introduce the activities of the Foundation and consist of interviews and contributions from key persons in various fields and articles by the Foundation's directors.

III Cross-industry Exchange Program


A casual exchange meeting between planners of public organizations and private companies, creators, scientists, etc.

IV Special Sponsorship Project Uemachi Daichi Project (Collaboration with outside organizations through special donations)