Shopping Town Study Group


To see retail business from multiple angles, conduct research on how a city and a business should be and make proposals to each industry while collaborating with experts in various areas. The study group has been in place since the foundation’s establishment.

Posts on Shopping Town Study Group

8.25, 2022

The 199th Snow Peak's relationship with the local community

Lecturers: Mr. Fumihiro Takai (Executive Vice President and Representative Director, Snow Peak, Inc.)

Mr. Nobu Sakamoto (Executive Vice President, Snow Peak, Inc.)

3.2, 2022

The 198th The Strategy of Tokushimaru Inc.

Lecturers: Mr. Yoshiyuki Sato (Executive Officer and General Manager of Sales Department, Tokushimaru Inc.)

12.14, 2020

The 197th Current Status and Issues of Grocery Supermarkets

Lecturers: Mr. Masato Isoda (President and Representative Director, ADVANCE Inc.)

12.14, 2020

The 196th HR strategy of JFR Group and Corporate Strategy of “Dimples Co., Ltd., a group general HR service company

Lecturers: Mr. Masaomi Horino (West Japan Sales Department Manager of Sale Office of “Dimples Co., Ltd.,”)

Tetsushi Korida (Sales Department Manager Staff of “Dimples Co., Ltd.,”) (Former manager of Head Office Sales Promotion Department of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co.Ltd.)

1.17, 2020

The 195th Regeneration, Maintenance and Development of Local Communities by Toho


Efforts to “Creating Shared Value”

Lecturer: Mr. Yoshinobu Sato (Professor of Institute of Business and Accounting, Professional Graduate School, Kwansei Gakuin University)

11.29, 2019

The 194th Gentrification in the U.S.

Lecturer: Mr. Hiroshi Yamanou (Chief of Toshi-Miryoku Kenkyu-shitsu, Kinki-area Department, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.)

3.7, 2019

The 193rd The Case to Activate a City by Food Hall: Ebista Nishinomiya “STREET


Lecturer: Mr. Atsumu Sawada (General Manager of Development Business

Headquarters of Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.)

1.22, 2019

The 192nd Keihan Group and Bio Business

Lecturers: Mr. Jin Onuka (Director of Bio Market Co., Ltd.)

Mr. Eigo Tanaka (Managing Director of Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co.,


9.20, 2018

The 191st Change in External Environment around SC Industry and Development of “Lucua Food Hall”

Lecturer: Mr. Megumi Funaki (Section Chief of Shopping Center Business Managing Team of Creative Department of West Japan Railway Company)

10.11, 2017

The 190th Towns in the Netherlands and Retailers ~comparing with those of U.K.~

Lecturer: Ms. Rika Fujioka (Professor of Faculty of Business and Commerce, Kansai University)

10.11, 2017

The 190th Towns in the Netherlands and Retailers ~comparing with those of U.K.~

Lecturer: Ms. Rika Fujioka (Professor of Faculty of Business and Commerce, Kansai University)

2.9, 1017

The 189th Explanation and Field Trip of Hirakata T-SITE

Lecturer: Mr. Hirotaka Takano (Group Chief of West Japan, Development Planning Headquarters, Takenaka Corporation)

9.1, 2016

The 188th Town Development in Toyonaka

Lecturer: Mr. Hideki Ashida (Executive Chairman of Toyonaka Ekimae Machidukuri Corporation)

5.20, 2016

The 187th Inbound Strategy and Coordination with the Local Community by Daimaru Shinsaibashi Shop

Lecturer: Mr. Fumihiko Imanishi (In charge of Inbound business, manager of sales Promotion Department of Daimaru-Osaka Shinsaibashi Shop, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co.Ltd.)

1.18, 2016

The 186th Bangladesh and Overseas Expansion of Japanese Companies

Lecturer: Mr. Satoshi Katada (Manager of Dhaka Office, Mitsubishi Corporation)

5.18, 2015

The 185th Study of Leadership Style in Success Cases of activating Shopping


Lecturer: Mr. Hironobu Yukawa (Researcher of Shopping Arcade)

3.25, 2015

The 184th

12.1, 2014

The 183rd

8.28, 2014

The 182nd

3.28, 2014

The 181st

12.20, 2013

The 180th

10.29, 2013

The 179th Field Trip of Kintetsu Headquarters of Abeno Harukas, Kintetsu

Department Store)